10 Top Chair for Hire in Melbourne in 2023

top Chair for hire in melbourne

Chairs are one of the important pieces of furniture which are used everywhere. It is designed as one person sitting only. It is not limited to furniture only, As Chairs are used everywhere, like schools, offices, events, parties, restaurants, homes, cafes, and more. All you need is to sit on a relaxing chair and deal with the mess of your life. Not only this, the chair is a source of memories. A Chair is always there to support you on good and bad days. Mostly, chairs for hire are used at events and weddings, especially when inviting your lovely friends and family members to celebrate the joyous days of your life; you would need a comfortable and strong events Chair For Hire Melbourne .

Chairs are available in different designs, sizes, and structures with different qualities. It depends on you which chair to pick according to your theme chairs come in various colors and qualities. There are different chairs for indoor events and outdoor events to hire. You can get luxurious soft padded chairs to stacking plastic, and foldable chairs share a please important role in the decoration of the event.

Following are the top 10 Chairs for Hire Melbourne for your beautiful events. 

  1. Americana Chair Hire 
  2. White Modular Esme Chair with Arms
  3. Limewash Chiavari Chair with Black Pad
  4. Clear Tiffany chair hire
  5. Black and Silver Banquet Chair Hire
  6. Folding Samsonite Style Chair Hire
  7. Bentwood chair hire
  8. Cafe Bistro Chair
  9. White Bo Chair
  10. Victorian Ghost Chair Hire

1.Americana Chair Hire

Americana Chair Hire  is a small wooden chair with a soft pad on the sitting space. It contains arm and back support to make a person sit comfortably. It is small and takes up less space. Americana Chair Hire dimensions include 45cm height/ 44cm width/ 45cm depth. It is a gorgeous chair and can easily fit into different themes of events. Mulberen’s party hire equipment company offers Americana chairs at a reasonable price with the best quality.

2.White Modular Esme Chair with Arms

White Modular Esme Chair with arms is a forever yes-to-go chair. It is a pretty attractive chair formed with a one-piece seat and arms. Its sitting plastic is smooth and connected with wooden modular legs. The seat height is around 460 mm while its weight is a round 610/ height is around 830 mm /, which equals 6.5 kg. White Modular Esme Chair with arms is a comfortable chair with arm resting space. Furniture Hire UK offers this beautiful chair at a reasonable price with the best quality.

3.Limewash Chivari Chair with Black Pad

It is a classical chair that goes with every event, whether a wedding or a funeral. A limewash Chivari chair with a black padded seat looks definite and is a chivari chair with a black pad to make the person sit comfortably with an appropriate back height. Budget event hire offers this modern chair at a reasonable price with the best quality.

4.Clear Tiffany chair hire

Clear Tiffany Chair Hire is a Crystal clear chair with a smooth outlook. Its clear appearance makes it outstanding and eye-catching. Clear Tiffany Chair Hire structure is made with monobloc and resin. Its dimensions include; a seat:44cm, Back height of 91cm. Clear Tiffany Chair Hire can adjust with multiple themes. Melbourne’s Party Hire Equipment Company offers Clear Tiffany Chair Hire at a reasonable price with the best quality.

5.Black and Silver Banquet Chair Hire

Black and silver banquet chair hire is a perfect chair for wedding and conference events. They look attractive and spectacular. It is framed with silver having a black padded seat. The black and silver banquet chair dimensions include; a height of 94 CM, a width of 43 CM, and a seat height of 47 CM. BE furniture hire offers this beautiful chair at a reasonable price with the best quality.

6.Folding Samsonite Style Chair Hire

Folding Samsonite style chair is mostly used for big events and festivals as it takes less space and adjusts easily. It’s made of metal with a plastic seat back and footrest. They can be folded and carried easily. Folding Samsonite style chair dimensions include Height 81cm/ Width 45cm/ Depth 44cm. Its seat height is around 45cm with a 3.6 kg weight. BE Furniture Hire offers this stylish chair with the best quality at reasonable prices.

7.Bentwood chair hire

It is an elegant chair not only limited to events only. You can get these for your dining set up too. It goes with classical themes and gives an iconic Vibe. It makes the event look refreshing and attractive. Bentwood chair hire is the person sitting chair with standard back support. Mulberen’s party hire equipment company offers this eye-catching chair at a reasonable price with the best quality.

8.Cafe Bistro Chair

It is a modern chair specially hired for outdoor events. It is a Cafe chair brushed with aluminum and metal framed. Its outlook is neutral, which can blend in different themes. It gives a chic look to the events. Its height is appropriate enough to sit comfortably and relax. Budget event hire offers this classical chair at a reasonable price with the best quality.

9.White Bo Chair

The White Bo chair is pretty enough to blend with any color. It is made of polypropylene with a robust structure. It takes less space and storage. White Bo chair dimensions include a width of 500/a depth of 30 / a height of 810mm. Its weight is around 5.50 kg. Furniture hire uk offers this cool chair at a reasonable price with the best quality.

10.Victorian Ghost Chair Hire

It is an ideal chair with a modern touch in a transparent outlook. Victorian ghost chair hire is popular among outdoor events, parties, and weddings. It is a single-person sitting chair with a back of 91 cm and a seat of 46 CM Mulburenn’s party hire equipment company offers this transparent chair at reasonable prices with the best quality.


Chairs for hire are necessary for every event, as celebrations are a part of traditional cultures worldwide. Countries around the globe like Australia, America, the UK, London, and more wish to celebrate their lovely events with beautiful themes and decorations, and the chairs for hire go well with such events.

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