Tables Hire Melbourne

Melbourne Table Rentals For Event Hire in 2023

Round Table

MUX Events offers the best hire table for rent in Melbourne. It has a range of rental tables for event hire. All the tables are available in the best quality and at affordable prices. Tables are necessary event equipment. They can be used with different tablecloths and Table towers for indoor and outdoor purposes.

MUX Event Is Melbourne’s Party Hire Equipment Company. It is one of the top-rated event rental equipment companies in Melbourne. It offers Table Hire, Chair Hire, Decor and Heater hire, carpet hire and more. MUX EVENT delivers the furniture you choose on time and can be set up according to the event theme. 

Events are a part of tradition and culture. People in Melbourne love to spend more time together, celebrating the joys of life. Parties, gatherings, events and weddings are always memorable. Making your event outshine MUX Events is important as it’s the best party hire equipment company in Melbourne. MUX Events make sure to make your day super with its equipment.

Best Hire Tables For Rent 

Following are the best hire tables available in Melbourne. 

1.Cafe Round Table 

Cafe Round Table is an outdoor table in white colour. The Round Table looks pretty and lovely. MUX Event delivers a Cafe Round Table with an Umbrella hole. It is good for four people. Cafe Round Table hire cost is $10.00. 

Round Table


  1. It can stack up easily. 
  2. It is light in weight.
  3. Cafe Round Table is ideal for kids’ parties and school functions.

2. Trestle Table 6ft

Trestle Tables are famous wedding tables. They come in various sizes and shapes. Trestle Tables are unbreakable and easy to relocate. MUX Events offers Trestle Table 6ft with tablecloth for hire. It is good for six to eight people. Trestle Table 6ft Hire cost is $12.00.

Trestle Table 6ft


  1. It can fit into multiple themes 
  2. It provides more space to sit comfortably 
  3. You can rent a trestle tablecloth hire alongside.

3. Trestle Table 8ft

Trestle Tables are great for events and gatherings. They take up less space and give more room to sit comfortably. MUX Events offers Trestle Table 8ft for hire. It is good for eight to ten people. Trestle Table 8ft hire cost is $20.00

trestle table 8ft


  1. It is ideal for outdoor weddings 
  2. It is strong and easy to move.
  3. Trestle Table Hire is rectangular.

4.Round Table

Round Tables enhance the charm of events. Round tables are the best hire table for rent. MUX Events offers a big round table limited to indoor use only. It can be decorated with a white tablecloth. It is good for ten to 12 people. They are mostly used for big parties. Round Table Hire ranges from $18.00-$30.00.

round table


  1. It makes your event look elegant 
  2. It is 96 inches tall.
  3. Round Tables are ideal for indoor weddings.

5.Bar Table

Bars are the best part of the event. Bar Tables make bars catchy and cool. MUX Events offers a white bar table for hire. It can be used for indoor and open-air events. They can be set up with four bar stools. Bar Table Hire ranges from $20.00-$32.00.

Bar table


  1. It gives your event a stylish and modern look.
  2. It is made of plastic material.
  3. You can rent bar tables in black and white colour.

6.Clear Table

Clear Tables are fascinating. It adds to the beauty of the event. MUX Events offers a classy clear table with a sophisticated appearance. It is used to place cakes or wish well. A clear table is a part of the event decor. It is perfect for formal events and outdoor purposes. Clear tables for hire cost $200.


  1. It is made up of transparent glass.
  2. It serves as decoration.
  3. The clear table can fit into many themes.


Table Hire in Melbourne is a must as people in Melbourne prefer celebrating together. The table is used to place your belongings, sit comfortably and talk with your loved ones. MUX Event delivers Rental tables for event hire in Melbourne. It has the best table hire for rent. Most of its tables, except for round tables, can be used for outdoor purposes.

Enquire now and book your big day with MUX Events for the best table hire.MUX Events proves that quality furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. It provides an extensive range of party equipment at competitive prices.