Looking to rent chairs for your events?  We’ve got you covered because Mux Events is Australia’s top business and offers a range of options for chair hire in Melbourne

Whether it’s a bachelor party, wedding, birthday or any type of gathering, you can hire chairs for rent perfect to your choice from us.

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Bentwood Chair Hire Melbourne

Best Bentwood Chair Hire Bentwood Chair hire  are stylish and graceful. It gives your event a glimpse of royalty. Bentwood

Black Tiffany Chair Hire Melbourne

Dimension: Seat  44 cm Back height :91 cm Material: Resin with Dura-Tech Structure

Clear Tiffany Chair Hire Melbourne

Dimension: Seat  44 cm Back height :91 cm Material: Resin with Monobloc Structure

Golden Louis Chair Melbourne

Golden Louis chairs with white cushions available to hire in Melbourne. Note: Price is applicable to minimum 30 chairs. Please contact for prices if less required.

Golden Tiffany Chair Hire Melbourne

Dimension: Seat  44 cm Back height :91 cm Material: Resin with Dura-Tech Structure

Hire Americana Chair Melbourne

Quantity Available: 250 Dimension: H:45 cm W:44 cm D:45 cm Seat: White Padded Color: White, UV stabilized

Plastic Stacking Chair Hire Melbourne

Dimension: Seating Height: 45cm Back Height 80cm Use: Outdoor / Indoor Color: Dark Grey, White

White Louis Chair Hire Melbourne

White Louis chairs with white cushions available to hire in Melbourne. Note: Price is applicable to minimum 30 chairs. Price may vary subject to quantity

White Tiffany Chair Hire Melbourne

Dimension: Seat : 44 cm Back : 91 cm Material: Resin with Dura-Tech Structure
Wait! We’re not only providing chairs, but we can provide you with Bar Stools Melbourne for a fancy look to your Bar corner.

We have a variety of chairs considering different styles, event category, colors, budget, and trend. Let’s have a look at our products for your deeper understanding.

  To give your event a touch of elegance and class, consider our Bentwood Chair hire. These chairs are made from bent wood with care and precision, bringing a stylish look to any gathering.

Mux events - Melbourne’s Party Hire Equipment Company offers a range of seating options, but the Bentwood chair is the topper of the show, often finding its place in bars and pubs.

What makes these chairs even more special is their comfortable design, allowing guests to relax for extended periods. Some versions even come with soft padding for added comfort.

Rent these excellent quality French style Bentwood chairs for just $8 per piece for your special at affordable pricing.

  Another stylish choice for you is our Tiffany chairs commonly known as Chiavari chairs.

We offer these beautiful and comfortable chairs in three trendy colors: golden, black, and white, all available for rent at just $7 per piece.

The Black Tiffany Chair is popular for weddings and events, making your event unique and attractive. As of now, black is a trending color among our generation.

The chairs are made up of durable resin material with a comfy seat, backrest, and footstep. Its sleek black design is a masterpiece.

Golden Tiffany Chairs are the go-to bridal chairs, showcasing luxury and charm.

These golden Melbourne chair hire captures everyone's attention with their dazzling color and presence, like your guests are seated on a chair that shines in the spotlight.

The last is most popular and cooler option is White Tiffany Chairs, often chosen for weddings whether it's indoor or outdoor or in day or night.

All other features are the same, but what makes it a popular choice is its color, which perfectly blends with every decor and shows purity and love.

Choose any of the above Tiffany chair colors to make celebrate a memorable event.

  Another we have is this beautiful transparent chair called Clear Tiffany chair, available for rent at just $7 per piece.

A perfect choice for weddings and events because it can match any light or dark theme, adding charm to your event. You can also add any colorful chair sashes or bows for some décor.

This Clear Tiffany chair is a unique, versatile and go-to-option for a comfortable and chic seating arrangement for parties, celebrations, business events, and more.

  As we already mentioned, we do provide Bar Stools. So yes, let us tell you more about this product.

Melbourne Party Hire Equipment Company offers classic plain bar stools with wooden seats for rent at $10 per piece, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any event or a bar look.

These bar stools are comfortable for seating at a height of 70 centimeters, with a convenient footstep for relaxation.

Are you thinking that these can only be used for bar counters? Then you’re making a mistake because their unique and appealing design makes them a versatile seating option for various occasions while enhancing the decor of any setting.

  The most luxurious and comfortable chair is our Louis Chair, available for rent at $14.50 per piece in elegant white and golden color.

Louis chair comes with a padded cushioned seat and wooden back support, making it a good option for your gatherings.

A chair is a versatile piece of furniture and the Louis Chair is the ideal option for one-person seating.

Whether it's an indoor or outdoor event, these Charis are simple to move and can easily be arranged, making them a practical choice for chair rentals in Melbourne.

A steady, smooth, and comfortable chair is essential for your event so that people can enjoy and create lasting memories.

  From a variety of chair styles, another is the Victorian Ghost Chair, just $8 per piece.

This modern, transparent, single-piece polycarbonate chair stands out with its 91-centimeter back, 46-centimeter seat, and footrest for comfortable seating.

Its stylish design is inspired by Louis XVI, perfectly suited to any event space.

Then, we have the Ghost Oval Chair at $8 per piece. Its oval design looks like a cheery on top for your event. The rest of the features are the same as the Victorian Ghost Chair.

Perfect chair piece to complement your gathering.

  The last two options we have for you is the Americana Chair for just $4 per piece. It’s a small, white-colored, padded wooden chair with back support.

Then we have the most affordable option, the Plastic Stacking Chair, for just $2.50 per piece and available in dark grey and white colors.

  In conclusion, when it comes to chair hire in Melbourne, look no further than Mux Events.

Whether you're a local or a visitor, our high-quality arrangements are designed to bring satisfaction and style to your gatherings.

From our elegant Bentwood Chair hire to the chic Tiffany chairs in golden, black, and white, we offer a wide range of options to suit every event.

Our transparent Clear Tiffany chairs and classic bar stools add charm to any occasion, while the Louis Chair, Victorian Ghost Chair, Ghost Oval Chair, Americana Chair, and Plastic Stacking Chair provide versatile seating solutions at affordable prices.

Trust Melbourne's Party Hire Equipment Company for reliable and timely service, ensuring your events stand out with top quality, comfort and elegance.

MUX EVENTS is everyone's ideal choice.