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Hire The Best Folding Table In Melbourne In 2023

mux events trestle table 6ft-and-8ft

Folding tables are the best innovation in furniture. It is easy to stack up and takes less space. Folding tables are perfect for open-air or indoor events and are cleaned and carried effortlessly. Folding Table hire is the best option for events and weddings. It is designed sophisticatedly with quick opening and closing lock systems. Mux Events is one of the best folding table rentals in Melbourne. 

Check out the 10 Top Folding Table Hire In Melbourne, Australia, and book for your event now.

1.MUX Events – Trestle Table 8ft 

The trestle table 8 ft is one of the best tables to hire. It is a folding table in a rectangular shape, a perfect choice for parties and weddings and can be decorated with Trestle Table Cloth according to the event’s theme.


  • The Trestle Table is 8ft long and 2.4m wide. 
  • It measures H: 74 cm, W: 240 cm D: 76 cm.
  • It is reasonably priced. 
  • It is a best choice for outdoor and indoor parties. 
  • You can rent a trestle tablecloth in white or blac

2.MUX Events – Trestle Table 6ft

Another of the nicest tables to hire is a 6-foot trestle table. It is a rectangular folding table ideal for parties and weddings and may be covered with a tablecloth that matches the event’s theme.


  • 6ft Trestle Table 
  • It measures 76cm deep and 183cm wide and is reasonably priced. 
  • It can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • You can rent a trestle tablecloth in white or black.

3.Melbourne Event Hire – 1.8M Folding Table

Folding Tables are a perfect choice for events. The 1.8M Folding table has a smooth surface made with durable material. It is spacious and provides comfortable seating.


  • It has HDPE Top in granite colour 
  • It has a quick folding mechanism
  • 1.8M Folding Table has a built handle to transport easily 
  • It has an attractive appearance and can go with different themes 

4.Celebrate Event Hire – Round Table

The Celebrate event hire offers folding round tables with a classic appearance. Round table enhances the Shine of any event with its existence. It can be hired for formal and non-formal events. 


  • Its height is 0.70m.
  • Up to 10 people can sit around it.
  • It is white.
  • The round table has 1.8m folding legs.
  • It is easy to fold and relocate.

5.Melbourne Table & Chair Hire – Square Folding Table

The square table resembles the old card table. It is the best table hire for outdoor use. Melbourne Table and Chair Hire offer this table at an affordable price with the best quality.


  • It had a plastic moulded top with folding legs.
  • It can be set up with four chairs. 
  • The square table measures 87 cm×87 cm×76 cm.
  • It can be moved effortlessly and occupy little space. 

6.Instant Party Hire – Round Banquet Table

It is an ideal table to hire for weddings and big events. The Round Banquet table has a smooth top with an elegant appearance. It is a folding table and gives more room to sit comfortably. 


  • It is a quality laminate table with folding legs.
  • It can be set up with ten chairs for sitting. 
  • The Round Banquet Table measures 6 ft.
  • It can be set up with bistro chairs.
  • The Round Banquet Table can be covered with a tablecloth to match the event’s theme.

7.Wwave Melbourne – Black Table Hire

Black Folding Table Hire has an iconic outlook. It is available in three heights, including 71.5cm, 67cm, and 62cm. Black table hire is no doubt an ideal folding table for birthday parties. 


  • Black Folding Tables are 66cm wide and 45cm deep.
  • Up to two people can sit around it.
  • It can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes
  • They can fold and stack together easily.

8.Party Group Hire – White Top Bar Table Hire

Party Group Hire offers a white top bar cocktail table with an elegant appearance. It is carried effortlessly with a quick folding set up. It is mostly used at bars and parties to put your juices or cocktails and stuff. 


  • It is the sturdy matte white bar-folding table
  • The white top bar table measures W×70cm, D× 70cm, and H×110cm. 
  • Up to four people can sit around it.
  • It goes well with bar stools.
  • It is an ideal choice for bar corners.

9.Pfm Events – Wooden Trestle Table Hire

WoodenTrestle Table hire is an outstanding table with a natural look. It adds joy to dinner and is only available for indoor use. It has folding legs and is mostly hired for VIP events. 


  • It has a smooth wooden top with folding legs.
  • It is rectangular and measures 24m long and 0.9m wide. 
  • Up to eight people can sit around it.
  • It is easily portable

10.Complete Furniture Hire – Bar tree

Complete Furniture Hire offers a range of folding tables, including round and square folding tables in various shades. Bar tree red is a pretty bar table with a bright shade, making it look attractive.


  • It has a brushed stainless steel base with a red folding top. 
  • Its height is 1.1m
  • It takes less space and gives more room.
  • Bar tree red is a folding cocktail table.


Many folding table hires are available in Melbourne, but more is needed to beat the qualitative products of MUX events. They offer different party hire equipment goods with great quality and affordable  price. Folding tables are essential for parties as they can be transported and stacked up easily, takes less space and provide long-lasting comfort.