Hire Chairs For Rent In Melbourne in 2023

Bentwood Chair Hire

MUX Events – Melbourne’s Party Hire Equipment Company is best to hire chairs for rent in Melbourne. It has a range of chair hires in Melbourne for different types of events and parties. MUX events also offers table hire, table cloth hire, heater hire, table towers and more. All the equipment is available in great quality at fair prices. 

 Chairs for rent are necessary for events. When it comes to chair hire, comfort, appearance, and quality matters a lot and that is exactly where MUX Event serves you best to hire on rent in  Melbourne. 

1.Bentwood Chair Hire

Bentwood Chairs hire are always trending. They are perfect for wedding and engagement events. Bentwood chairs can blend in various themes. MUX Event offers Bentwood chair hire for $8. It is good for indoor and outdoor events.

2.Black Tiffany Chair Hire

Black Tiffany Chairs look majestically beautiful. They add charm and glamor to the event. Black Tiffany Chair Hire can be used in parties and weddings. MUX Event offers Black Tiffany Chair for $7. Tiffany Chairs best to hire for events.

black tiffany chair hire

3.Clear Tiffany Chair hire

Clear Tiffany Chair Hire is an unbreakable and easy to blend chair. It has a crystal clear appearance which makes it look spectacular. MUX event offers a clear Tiffany Chair for $7. Tiffany Chairs can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Clear Tiffany Chair hire

4.Ghost Oval Chair Hire

Ghost Oval Chair hires are pretty comfortable chairs. They are clear in appearance and can blend with different themes. MUX offers a ghost oval chair for $8. These Chairs are perfect for formal events.

5.Golden Louis Chair

The Golden Louis Chair looks royal in appearance. It is a beautiful chair with white comfortable seat pad. MUX Events offers a Golden Louis Chair for $14.50. It can go with white, gold and royal themes. 

Golden Louis Chair

6.Golden Tiffany Chair Hire

The Golden Tiffany Chair Hire is the most popular wedding chair in Melbourne. It has an attractive look with comfort. MUX Events offers Golden Tiffany Chair Hire for $7. It can fit in a bunch of themes and makes your event classy. 

Golden Tiffany Chair Hire

7.Hire Americana Chair

Americana Chair Hire is the most used chair in Melbourne. It is good for indoor and outdoor events. It can stack up easily and comes with a padded seat for comfort. MUX Events offers Hire Americana Chair for $4.00.

Hire Americana Chair

8.Plastic Stacking Chair Hire

Plastic Stacking Chair Hire is a causal chair to hire for outdoor events or gatherings. It is good for kids’ parties. MUX Events offers Plastic Stacking Chair Hire for $2.50.

Plastic Stacking Chair Hire

9.Victorian Ghost Chair Hire

Victorian Ghost Chair Hire is a clear chair with iconic design. Its existence is eye-catching. It is good for formal and non-formal events. Additionally it can be used for outdoor events too. MUX Events offers Victorian Ghost Chair Hire for $8.00. 

Victorian Ghost Chair Hire

10.White Louis Chair

White Louis chairs always stand out likewise White Louis Chairs are best to hire for wedding events. It can go with many themes and designs. MUX Events offers White Louis Chair for $14.50. 

White Louis Chair

11.White Tiffany Chair Hire

White Tiffany Chair Hire is a graceful Chair that will make your event outshine. Strong material is used in its manufacturing and can adjust in different events. MUX EVENT offers this chair at $7.00.

White Tiffany Chair Hire