10 Top Best Hire Chairs Companies in Melbourne in 2023

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Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, and at the same time, it is the capital city of Victoria. It is known as the most livable city on the planet Earth. It is popular in coastal areas and has delicious coffee. Melbourne is a mixture of different cultures and traditions. People in Melbourne love to spend time wandering around the city, celebrating the joys of life with loved ones, and creating memories. For any event you can hire chair in Melbourne with the help of this blog.

Life in Melbourne is dreamy, full of magical events and parties. Consequently, Melbourne holds the world’s event management companies and decorators. Events might occur for a day, but they live in our heads forever. People make sure to enjoy their big days by meeting perfectionism, and when it comes to event furniture, the best chairs and tables in Melbourne rank top on the list.

The 10 top parties hire equipment companies in Melbourne, Australia, to trust and hire the furniture for your event and make it look fabulous.

1. MUX Events

MUX Events is Melbourne, Australia’s best chair hire and party equipment company. It ranks on top as an excellent Melbourne Party Hire Equipment Company. It has a wide range of chairs Melbourne, tables Melbourne, decorations, and outdoor setups. The list of chair hires includes Americana Chair Hire, Bentwood Chair Hire, Victorian Ghost Chair Hire, Black Tiffany Chair Hire, Golden Louis Chair Hire, and many other options in various colors.


2. Styled Event Hire

Styled Event Hire is one of Melbourne, Australia’s best event management companies. It makes sure to satisfy clients and bring their special events to life. They offer different hiring packages, including ceremony packages, reception packages, and party packages. You can also hire chairs such as white American folding chairs, white vintage signing tables and chairs, gold glass side tables, and other beautiful furniture items and decorations.

3. The Setup 

The setup is an outstanding party hire equipment company in Melbourne, Australia. It has different decorations and equipment available for hire. The list of chair hires includes Natural Bentwood Chairs, Adult Aluminium Crossbar Chair Hire, Adult Resin Slat Folding Chairs, Adult Ghost Chair, White High Chair, Bentwood Metal Stools, and more. It also offers outdoor sofa sets and dining setups. 


4. Place Settings

Place Settings is a premium event hire company residing in Melbourne, Australia. It contains a bunch of items and essentials for catering and events. The furniture section is based on various chairs and tables for hire. The list of chair hires includes Duke Chair, Madison Accent Chair, Harvey Chair, Victoria Ghost Chair, Capri Chair Hire, Arrowe Chair, Knox Chair, Bentwood Chair, Tiffany Chair, Bordeaux Dining Chair, Hampton Chair, Paris Chair, Lucia Chair, Windsor Chair, Tolix Chair, Padded Folding Chair, High Chair, and many other—place settings. Make sure to set up the right chairs per the design and theme. 

place settings

5. Melbourne Event Hire

Melbourne Event Higher is an affordable and understanding event management company that offers different products for events, Such as tablecloth hire, table hire, marquee hire,  prop hire, stage hire Melbourne, Market umbrellas, kids table and chairs, chair hire, heater, carpet hire, backdrop hire, and more. The chair hire option includes golden Tiffany chairs, white Bistro chairs, white American folding chairs, gray Bistro chairs, kids’ chairs, and a few more. Their product quality and rental rate are amazingly adjustable.

melbourne event hire

6. The Big Letter

The big letter is Melbourne’s premier event group, offering modern, luxurious decoration and event management setups. It is one of the leading letter hire companies in Melbourne. They offer various products for hires, such as coffee cards, Gelato cards, Fireworks, backdrops and easels, floral arrangements, neon range, bar tables, wine barrel furniture, outdoor setup, Display Plinths, packages, and more. It is the right choice for small events or proposal arrangements.

the big letter

7. Event Function Hire

It is an experienced event management firm with hiring products. It makes sure to give your event a demanding successful look. Event Function Hire offers a range of goods to hire, such as lighting, decoration, Music system, plants and flowers, stage and draping, bar setup, furniture, and more. The chair hire includes Tiffany, Americana, and a Tolix stool. 

event function hire

8. Having A party

Having a party gives you all the necessary party solutions. They are professional and offer various services like wedding marquees hire, Event lighting, Disco and music, Furniture, Decoration, catering equipment, and more. Having a party holds stylish chairs hired to fit in your event, including Bamboo folding chairs, Ghost bar stools, Throne chairs, Bench ottomans, Chrome bar stools, Tolix bar stools, Timber benches, Bentwood bar stools, and more.  

having a party

9. Always Eventive

Always Eventive is a creative event management agency with unlimited hiring options. They have always served the best. Always Eventive has products for weddings, parties, birthdays, anniversaries, and more, such as Rugs, Chairs, wishing wells, vases, Umbrellas, Tables, photo booth props, plinths, backdrops, arches, arbors, and a few more. They have beautiful seating options, including white peacock Chairs, Shabby pink and blue chairs, Vintage Oak Carved chairs, Retro Green chairs, Vintage Royal red chairs, mix-matched white chairs, Tiffany white chairs, and more.

always eventive

10. Melbourne Table & Chair Hire

It is a great event management agency to hire products at reasonable prices and on-time delivery. They offer all you need for an outstanding event, including chairs, marquees, a smoke machine, Lightning and music, white and red carpets, a public address system, and more. They have comfortable and strong seating options, including crate furniture, white cross-black chairs, stools, kids’ chairs, white Americana chairs, Bench seats, Black Padded Chrome framed folding chairs, and more.

Melbourne Table & Chair Hire


Chairs are necessary equipment for any event, whether indoor or outdoor. Chairs are supposed to be strong, comfortable, and beautiful, matching the theme and decoration of the event. Those mentioned earlier are the top 10 event management companies in Melbourne, Australia, to hire chairs in the best form at a reasonable price. For any event You can hire a chair in Melbourne.