10 Top Event Management Companies in Melbourne in 2023

Top event hire company in melbourne

Melbourne is one of the prettiest cities in the world, having the best event management companies. Events make life living and loving. The beauty of Melbourne makes it the best place to celebrate the joys of life.
Event Management Companies Melbourne deals from planning to serving all through innovative and expert teams—no more stress of arrangements for celebrations. Event Hire Melbourne made things very quick and straightforward.  

Here’s the list of top-rated event management companies in Melbourne 

  1. MUX Events
  2. Spark Event Group
  3. Alive Events Agency
  4. En Pointe Events 
  5. MCO Events 
  6. OzParty Events
  7. BCC Management 
  8. Peanut Productions 
  9. Fetching Events & Communications
  10. KE Creative Events Pty Ltd

1.MUX Events

MUX Events is one of the top-notch event management Company in Melbourne. It is an event hire company in Melbourne with the best quality goods and services. They have a range of rental chairs and tables for several events.
MUX Events delivers the best party hire equipment in Melbourne. Some of its main products include Chair Hire, Table Hire, white backdrop, Red Aisle, Compact heater, Wishing well, and more. 

Top event hire company in melbourne

2.Spark Event Group

Spark Event Group is an event management company located in Melbourne, Australia. It has an expert set of team that plans the events with all the details. Spark Event group makes events happen the way you want. 

The staff is very professional and understanding. In addition, they deliver on-time results within your budget. Spark Event group offers to manage all types of events, such as weddings, High school Functions, business parties, award ceremonies, and more. 

Spark Event Group

3.Alive Events Agency

Alive Events Agency makes your event lively and fun. It is one of the top-rated and award-winning event management companies. Alive Events Agency offers a complete Event Management plan with quick staff, and it has expertise in managing live, hybrid, and virtual events.  

Alive Events Agency deals from products to themes based on instructions. It has experience of up to two decades. They plan and arrange multiple events, such as Brand Activations, Product launches, Public Events and Exhibitions, Marketing roadshows, and Award shows.

4.En Pointe Events 

En Pointe Events is well known for its successful event deliveries. It is an event management company situated in Melbourne. En Pointe Events works with proper and smooth mechanisms to make the event’s outshine.It delivers multiple events, such as brand promotions, parties, awards, corporate events, etc. En Pointe Events creates exceptional experiences and creative-styled designs.

5. MCO Events 

MCO Events turn moments into everlasting  memories. It is one of the top-notch event management companies in Melbourne. It is a corporate Event Management and branding company with huge experience and information.

MCO Events offers branding consultancy service,  Corporate Event Management service, Private & wedding events, styling PR and media guest speakers service, business strategy consultants service,  and more. 

6. OzParty Events

OzParty Events builds unique events. It is one of the most popular and premier event-planning companies in Australia. Their plans are smooth and fun. OzParty Events is always satisfying as attendees love their events.  

They have various event solutions such as corporate events, social events, student events, Christmas, award nights, theaters and comedy, Premium Hotel, waterfront venue, Melbourne Cup, Halloween, and more.

7. BCC Management 

BBC Management is an event management company located in Melbourne. BBC management has great minds and delivers excellent work. It focuses on connecting passionate people with big ideas, specializing in live events, virtual conferences, and hybrid events. 

It offers conference and project management, event logistics, event design and production, event technology, financial management, Hybrid and virtual events, event marketing and communications, social and special events, and more. 

8. Peanut Productions 

Peanut production produces an unforgettable event full of fun and laughter. It is the best event management company located in Melbourne. It has experience in managing live, virtual, and hybrid Events.
Peanut Productions has categorized its services as Event Management, Content Production, Experiential Marketing Activations, Virtual and Hybrid Events, and more. 

9. Fetching Events & Communications

Fetching Events and Communication is an excellent event management company in Melbourne. It specializes in live and virtual event management, and it has experience of over 20 years. Fetching Events & Communications fetch the results that influence and inspire. Fetching Events & Communications services include Ambassador programs, communication and community programs, voluntary engagement events, workshops, and speaking sessions. 

10. KE Creative Events Pty Ltd

KE Creative Events Pty Ltd is an outstanding event management company in Melbourne. They create events to inspire and build connections. It has multiple certification and Accreditations that shows it is one of the best event management companies.

They offer various event solutions such as virtual events, conferencing, incentives management, brand activations, delegate management, Marketing and communications, and sponsors and exhibitions. KE Creative Events deals with Everything from event hire to quick staff for smooth events. 

KE Creative Events-Pty Ltd