10 Best Chairs And Tables Planning For Your Event

Best Chairs And Tables Planning For Your Event

Events are not just for a day. It is a memory for a lifetime. Events should not be only experimental or creative things. Alternative to this, they should be emotional things. The event holds great value in everyone’s heart as they are connected with the happiness and joys of life. People love to invite their beloved and celebrate the happiest occasions of their life. The celebrations are part of our culture and traditions. It has come a long way, going through different ages recently. Events and event management companies have become popular for their Revolutionary creative ideas to make your big day beyond your expectations. The event managers or companies ensure that even the host feels like a guest. 

When it comes to celebrating, inviting, arranging, and managing any event comes with great work and expectations; therefore, to make things easy for you, following are a few basic tips for arranging furniture for your event, like the best tables and best chairs, along with the decoration and themes to make your event look big, classy, and iconic. 

Following are a few creative styles to arrange your tables and chairs at your event:

1.Banquet Style

Banquet style with a rectangular table looks very traditional and loved as it comes with long tables with ten chairs per table. Banquet style usually goes with wedding events as it gives a lot of space and enough room to people to sit comfortably and enjoy the food while chatting with their friends and loved ones.

2.Round Table Diamond Pattern

Round tables Melbourne are mostly preferred for big events and parties as they look less space-consuming. Giving more room for the people to go here and there, round tables in the Diamond pattern give the space of one more table in the row, making it look elegant and giving more sitting and walking space.

Round Table Diamond Pattern

3.Multifunctional furniture setup

If you want to give an event a cool look, then multifunctional furniture adjustment fits perfectly to the event. It mostly works with corporate or long events to break large spaces in the sectional parts and place different stools around the monitor to sit comfortably. You can add a low-level side table to place your belongings or laptops and focus on the event directions.

Multifunctional furniture setup

4.Theater Setup

It is one of the most casual and formal settings set up around the globe, especially in countries like America, Australia, Canada, and Mexico. A theater-style setup is mostly used for corporate meetings, group gatherings, educational events, and brand promotions where food is not usually served. It is a good mingling set up for the guests to sit comfortably and talk as chairs are placed front-facing towards the stage.

Theater Setup

5.3D mapping Technology sitting setup

If you have limited space and few options and want to make the most out of your space, you must use this advanced technology to set up your sitting arrangements using 3D event diagram software. It will help you to put the furniture and object correctly with proper measurements and enough room space. It also gives you color options and an optional furniture setup view. Through this, you can quickly view your sitting arrangement without working on it physically.

3D mapping Technology sitting setup

6.U- shaped Tables and Chair setup

It is mostly used for small events and parties with guests of up to 20 or 30 people, and with a U-shaped style, you can see each person easily while sitting around your favorite people. The tables are placed in front of chairs in a standard form, making them look big. Giving more room for everyone, it is an ideal setup for small places and fewer people.

U shaped Tables and Chair setup

7.Comfortable and Cozy Chairs

Chairs are important at every event, whether at a wedding or a corporate meeting. Chairs must be very cozy and comfortable with the armrest, footrest, and high back. Perfect chairs make a young or older person sitting on them feel comfortable and relaxed. Therefore picking up the right chair following the coziness and theme of the event is necessary. In this way, the guest will enjoy the event more without getting tired.

Comfortable and Cozy Chairs

8.Classroom setup 

Classroom setup is one of the oldest and most traditional setups used in teaching events, brand promotions, corporate meetings, and competitions. Classroom style is based on a long table of a round 6 Foot fixed with three chairs facing towards the stage or panel, ensuring everyone can look and concentrate towards the main podium. Also, it is unfavorable as it takes up more space and has fewer sitting possibilities, but it goes well in meetings and writing events.

Classroom setup

9.No Check-in lines

One of the smartest tips to manage more tables and chairs is to reduce the check-in or registration area from the hall or floor and replace it with more tables and chairs or some space for your guest to walk, talk, or wander around for registration purposes you can manage it with QR code or cloud-based check-in software, utilizing current technologies it will not only give you more space but decrease your cost too.

No Check in lines

 10.Rounds or Rectangles 

Most people feel confused about choosing round tables, rectangular tables/ circle setups, or straight setups. For this, you must always go with round tables despite rectangles, as round tables take up less space and give more opportunities to communicate with people sitting behind you. While in a rectangular setup, you are limited to the front person only. The round setups encourage comfortableness and give more walking space for the guest and socialize. 

Rounds or Rectangles


The best setup for the event will make your event look spectacular and shining. It is important to connect with the right event management company to discuss your dreams and visions to make your event look outstanding with beautiful chairs and table setups with decoration.