How To Choose The Right Chairs For Your Event in 2023

Right Chairs For Your Event

Chairs are the necessary equipment for any event. Also, which Chair is right for the event depends on the type of event. Different Chairs options include Americana Chair Hire, Golden Louis Chair, Clear Tiffany Chair, Bar stools, Plastic stacking Chairs, and more. Chairs come in different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right Chair for your event is important, blending with the theme completely. The Chair’s basic purpose is to comfort the person sitting on it. Some chairs come with armrests, feet rest, and a high back, while most event chairs have feet rest with a high back. Event Chair hires are mostly made of solid wood, plastic, Tiffany, Resin, Metal, and Propylene material. Event chairs are designed in different styles with elegant and modern touches to make them look classical. Chair and events are always connected. Following are the common types of events where chairs are mostly used.

1.Corporate Event Chairs

Corporate events are mostly back-to-back ongoing events held in many firms and big companies. These events are for large audiences, like conferences, conventions, private concerts, debates, and more. These events continue longer, so the comfort of people sitting on the chairs matters. Therefore, Chairs with footrests and armrests are preferable for such events. MUX Event hire equipment offers a range of such chairs as Bentwood Chair Hire

2.Wedding Event Chairs

Wedding celebrations are a never-ending tradition; sometimes it is bigger or smaller, Although chairs matter at weddings. Weddings usually last for around 4 hours. Therefore, Chairs must be attractive, match the themes, and be comfortable simultaneously. Melbourne’s Party Hire Equipment Company offers different wedding chairs, including white Tiffany Chair hire, Clear Tiffany, Chair Hire, Ghost Oval Chair Hire, Victorian Ghost Chair Hire, Black Tiffany Chairs, and more. 

Wedding Event Chairs

3.Dinner Party Chairs

Dinners are constant. Whether Christmas or Thanksgiving, dinner with loved ones is a must. Mostly such dinners are arranged outdoors in a big space so kids and youngsters can enjoy and keep these memories locked in their memory. Therefore, Dinner party chairs must match with decoration and table. Large chairs with footrests are mostly hired along big long tables for such dinners. MUX Events Melbourne’s Party Hire Equipment Company offers Ghost Oval Chairs Hire and Clear Tiffany Chair Hire for dinner parties.

Dinner Party Chairs

4.School Functions Chairs

School is the best phase of life, as are the school events, Whether it’s school fetes or trivia nights. School events are pretty fun with chaos. Therefore school function chairs must be small and easily adjustable for students. MUX Events Melbourne’s Party Hire Equipment Company offers Americana Chair Hire and Folding Chairs for events as they are easy to carry, fit anywhere and take less space. 

School Functions Chairs

5.Outdoor Event Chairs

Outdoor events are unforgettable. They could be weddings or brand promotions. The outdoor event looks more beautiful, stylish, and luxurious. But not all chairs fit into an outdoor environment. Therefore water, UV, and dust-resistant chairs are preferred for outdoor events. MUX Events Melbourne’s Party Hire Equipment Company has Tiffany Chair hire, Plastic stacking chair hire, and Ghost oval Chair hire for outdoor events.

Outdoor Event Chairs

6.Awards Or Gala Event Chairs

The grand events are lovely, and most followed. Everything needs to be perfect and inspiring, from decoration to carpets in such events. Therefore, it’s important to pick stylish, modern, elegant chairs for such events. MUX Events Melbourne’s Party Hire Equipment Company offers Tiffany chairs, Padded Chairs, Louis Chairs, Ghost Chairs, and Clear Chairs for Awards or Gala events. 

Awards Or Gala Event Chairs

7.Birthdays and Bridal Shower Events

Birthday and bridal showers are small get together between families and friends to express their happiness with them. They are mostly arranged outside, like gardens or parks. Therefore the shower events chair should be comfortable and padded with footrests. MUX Events Melbourne’s Party Hire Equipment Company has plastic stacking chair hire, Clear and White Tiffany Chair hire, and Bentwood Chair Hire for such happy events. 

Birthdays and Bridal Shower Events

8.Club Event Chairs

Club gatherings have been trending recently. It is a new moderate way to celebrate happiness. Club events look elegant and luxurious. Therefore high Bar stools along bar tables are a perfect fit. They completely blend with the theme and lighting of the event and make it look spectacular. 

Club Event Chairs

9.Party Event Chairs

Parties are love. It’s one of the exciting ways to have fun in life. Parties contain games, music, dance, comedies, and more. Therefore, party event chairs must match the party’s color and lights. It should contain a high back and footrest to relax after rocking on the dance floor. MUX Event, Melbourne’s Party Hire Equipment Company, has Victorian Ghost Chair Hire, White Louis Chair Hire, and Black and Gold Tiffany Chair Hire for such events.

Party Event Chairs

10.Home Gatherings 

Home gatherings or get-togethers are continuous meetups in everyone’s life. Sometimes inviting the whole family or friends requires extra chairs and stools. People prefer to have such gatherings in backyards, Gardens, or terraces. Therefore shares must be light in weight, single person sitting, take less space, comfortable to sit for a few hours, and can be used for indoor and outdoor settings. MUX Events Melbourne’s party hire equipment company contains American chair hire, plastic stacking chair hire, and Clear Tiffany chair hire for such gatherings.

Home Gatherings chairs


The type of chairs depends on the events and must be strong, comfortable, and easy to move here and there. The events hold great Value in hearts, and chairs are the essential equipment for any event. It is necessary to pick the right one under the event’s theme.