Bentwood Chair Hire Event  in Melbourne in 2023

bentwood chair

Bentwood Chairs Hire are the reflection of elegance and class. Its existence makes the place full of glamor. Bentwood chairs are most popular among cafe’s, dinners, restaurants, meetings and meet ups. Furthermore, bentwood chairs are best for parties and weddings. They are cheap and long lasting. Bentwood Chairs come in many design’s, Colors and types. Michael Thonet was the first to introduce Bentwood chair production back in the 1850s. Since then it has been the all time leading chair. Bentwood chairs are strong and elite. They are often called thonet chairs. Due to its material and lost lasting life it’s always the first choice. 

Bentwood Chairs are made of wood. It is designed and styled by bending or steaming wood in order to achieve final design . Beech wood is the common material to make Bentwood chairs whereas birch, cherry, maple, walnut and Oak wood material can be used to make Bentwood Chair.

Bentwood chairs are perfect and iconic event chairs. It fits well in all events like weddings, parties, hangouts, dinners, and more. The outlook and designs may vary with theme but its astonishing finish and smoothness make its outclass. Bentwood chairs are not impressive in looks only. It makes sure the person sitting on it is comfortable and happy.

Top 10 Bentwood Chairs Melbourne

Following are the top 10 Bentwood Chairs to hire for events or to set up on your dining table. 

1.No. 14 Chair

Bentwood No. 14 Chair is the most famous Bentwood chair. It was designed by Micheal Thonet. This chair reflects the supremacy of bentwood chairs.  It is also known as bistro chairs. No. 14 Chair was a best selling cafe chair as it takes less space and its classical design looks appealing.

2.Durham Crossback Bentwood Chair 

It is a charming chair with elegant design. Its material is dark oak wood. Its height is around 90 cm while its width is 40 cm and depth 50 cm. The Durham Crossback Bentwood Chair weighs around 5.2 kg. It is used in clubs and cafes. It can be carried easily and takes less space.

3.Fanback Armchair  

It is an ancient designed chair with a modern look. Fanback Armchair is a popular antique piece of furniture made with a hardwood frame. It comes with arm support and a comfortable seat. Fanback Armchair height is 79 cm and it weighs around  4.50 kg. It provides a classy look to the environment.

4.Loopback Stacking Chair 

Loopback Stacking Chair is a perfect addition to your event. It’s a single person chair. It can stack up to 8 chairs. Its height is around 90 cm while its width is 35 cm and depth 45 cm. The Loopback Stacking Chair weighs around 4.6 kg. It is constructed with solid wood and framed beautifully. Loopback Stacking chair is everyone’s new favorite. 

5.Bentwood Cane Back Stool

Bentwood Cane Back Stool was originally designed by Michael Thonet Company. It is a counter stool with a charming look. Bentwood Cane Back Stool is made up of solid natural beechwood. Its height is 43 inches while depth is 21 inches and width 19 inches.  Bentwood Cane Back Stool demonstrate traditional beauty with modern touch up

6.No. 18 Upholstered Bentwood Chair 

It is a decent yet popular Bentwood chair. No.18 is a best piece of bentwood chair made up of beech wood with a solid European beech frame. It  enhances the image of the event effortlessly with its iconic appearance. Upholstered Bentwood Chair has standard height with Thonet style round back. It weighs around 4kg and takes up less space.

7.B9 Bentwood Armchair

B9 Bentwood Armchair is elegant and entertaining chair with arm support. It is made up of European solid beech wood with wed wood molded in signature round curve. It is a comfortable laminated padded chair to relax in and it weighs around 5 kg. B9 is mostly known for its unique design and strong body. 

8.214 Thonet Bentwood Chair

This chair is an icon of charismatic elegance. It is the modified design of the real Michael Thonet Bentwood Chair. It is made up of solid wood bending in a single piece to  get the perfect design. It has standard dimensions and weighs around 4 kg. The 214 Thonet Bentwood Chair is a perfect match of modern furniture.

9.Otto Bentwood Chair 

The Otto Bentwood chair is an authentic thonet product. It is designed with a laminated curved back and comfortable upholstered seat. Its making is processed with European beech frame wood. Otto Bentwood chair dimensions are H-810, D-500, W-440. Otto chair is an excellent bistro chair to pair up with various themes.

10.Herman Bentwood Armchair

It is a Chair with an elite appearance and smooth comfort. The Herman Bentwood chair is made up of solid beech wood curved with a similar framework. Its design is outstanding with arm support. The dimensions of the Herman Bentwood Armchair include H-850, D-530, W- 540. It is one of the classical Bentwood chairs with traditional touch and modern appearance.


In Melbourne, Australia, bentwood chairs are well-known. Bentwood chairs Hire are elegant and attractive. It lends a touch of royalty to your event. Bentwood, which is created by bending wood in a certain way to obtain its final design, is the primary component of bentwood chairs. Globally, bentwood chairs are well known. Bentwood chairs are typically preferred over conventional chairs. The French aesthetic is present in every Bentwood Chair.